Newsletter for Ohio's CTR Physicians

During the February 13 meeting, the State Medical Board of Ohio approved 39 new Certificate to Recommend applications, bringing the total to 413. Licensees who hold an active CTR will notice the suffix appears at the end of their medical board license number. License statuses are updated in real-time and are available 24/7 on

Did You Know?

  • Accessing the Patient and Caregiver Registry can be done after logging into OARRS and clicking on the REGISTRY tab, or by navigating to and logging in with your OARRS credentials.

  • The Patient and Caregiver registry sends an email to the patient as soon as they are registered, even if they have not yet received a recommendation. Please be aware that some patients have visited a dispensary and were surprised that they did not yet have a recommendation.

  • An individual can register as both a patient and a caregiver on the same record. The physician's office does not need to create separate records.

Helpful Resources:

  • Learn how to enter a patient or caregiver into the Patient and Caregiver Registry.
  • Review the State Medical Board of Ohio’s Standard of Care rules. You will need to:
    • See the patient in-person at least once per year
    • Maintain a bona fide physician/patient relationship
    • Attest in the registry that the patient has a qualifying condition
  • Be aware of – and advise your patients of – the likelihood of product shortages during the industry’s start-up phase. Inventory and variety of products will be limited and not all announced dispensary locations may yet be open for business.
  • Initially, the only product available to purchase is in plant form.
Annual Report

According to Ohio Administrative Code 4731-32-03 (H), "the physician shall submit to the board an annual report describing the physician's 
observations regarding the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating patients. The report shall not contain patient-identifying information." CTR physicians will receive an email survey from the State Medical Board of Ohio to collect annual report information following the first full year of medical marijuana sales in Ohio (approximately January 2020).

As one of the physicians in the State of Ohio with a certificate to recommend medical marijuana (CTR), it is important that you update your Public Address in eLicense. This information is public and will be published. We encourage you to list the practice address at which you will be seeing patients for medical marijuana recommendations. Currently, only City and ZIP code are listed because of lack of accurate addresses in eLicense.

To update your address, log into eLicense and select "change address" from the options menu on your dashboard page.

OMMCP Helpline 1-877-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627)
The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Toll-Free Helpline responds to inquiries from patients, caregivers, and health professionals regarding adverse reactions to medical marijuana, and provides information about available services and additional assistance as needed.

Check with your personal attorney for additional rule interpretation and how to apply the statute and rules to your specific practice situation.
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